Booking conditions


Booking conditions

1. The contract

The contract for the rental of a temporary guest apartment is completed in days.

A rental contract is considered closed as soon as the guest flat ordered (for example

by a completed and submitted booking form) and is confirmed. The receipt of your

reservation by e-mail, fax or letter is a binding order! The commitment made ​​by telephone,

fax or mail.The conclusion of the agreement commits both parties to perform, regardless

 of completed the term for which the contract was.


2. The payment of rent

The rent is payable in cash on arrival. If paying by bank transfer to our business account

with payment, we ask you to send us a reimbursement or remittance slip.

3. Arrival and departure

The time of arrival should be communicated by the guest 24 hours in advance.
Arrival time is Mon - Fri from 11 to 13 and 15-17 clock or after arrangement.

Check out until 10 clock. Check with the check whether any subsequent plot is possible.

Guests who check out after 10 clock or after the agreed time will be charged an additional



4. House Rules

The guest apartments are located in a house where several renter live. Rest of disturbing

 noise shall be avoided, which also applies to the courtyard and the staircase. Our guests

are asked to behave at all times responsible and considerate. The renter is responsible for

 that the apartment is left in the same condition as on arrival or damage should be repaired

 to departure. We reserve the right to recover the cost from the renter for any loss or

damage to the apartment and the inventory, created by respect or irresponsible behavior.

The rental agree to respect each time the stay of other guests in the guest house.

Irresponsible behavior that disturbs other guests and neighbors (for example noisy parties,

loud music, screaming, running around, obscene unacceptable behavior) will not be

tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the apartments.
In case of violation we reserve the right to finish to determine the tenancy without paying

back the deposit. Please close all windows when leaving home. Please be kind enough to

 respect it. When leaving the house to clear the light and, where appropriate, to reduce

the heating.


5. The loss of the key by the tenant

In case of loss of the key of the guest apartment the renter is liable with 100 €, as the

cylinder must be completely exchanged.

6. Cancellation by the renter of the guest apartment

Cancellations must be in writing. In case of dispute, the tenant of the guest house has to

prove the cancellation. The renter of the guest apartment is obliged to not use his

contractual services for the booked period and committed to the following price

Rental payable to:

Notice is given ... ...                                                              the tenant owes the Rental Agencies ... ..

to 21 days                                                                                 0% of damages
from 21 days                                                                         10% of damages
from 14 days                                                                         25% of damages
from 7 days                                                                            50% of damages
From 3 days                                                                            70% of damages
before the start of the lease.                                             the contractually agreed rent.


7. Animals

Bringing and keeping pets in the guest apartments to tenants is not permitted,because a

further rental to exclude from allergies.


8. Privacy Policy

Personal data of the tenant of the guest apartments are charged only in the context of the l

aws of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Act

(TDDSG). They are third only to the extent made ​​available than is necessary for the settlement

 of the guest apartments.


9. Place of jurisdiction

The jurisdiction for disputes from the tenancy, the District Court of Ratingen.



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